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Monday, May 18, 2009

About the Event

Most of us are too cautious of what others think of us and we tend to go along with the bandwagon in our lives. We blend in with the society because we do not wish to be perceived as different, fearing being an outcast. Most of us aren't aware that leaders and successful individuals are who they are because they're different. They're unique. They're Standouts!

Thus, it is important for all of us to realize that we shouldn't be confined to doing only what others are doing. We should all be standouts in life if we're to fully utilize our potential to do the things we are capable of in our lives. Nuffnang and Tiger has come together to create a moment where everyone is encouraged to standout in life. Welcome to Standout ­ With Tiger & Nuffnang Party , where everyone is outstanding in their own ways.

Getting Yourself Invited to the Party!

This exclusive party will only be open to invited bloggers only. An exclusive party like this will only be accessible by outstanding bloggers in Nuffnang. How outstanding? Well, you tell us and if we think you're outstanding enough, you'll be given a chance to show us what a standout you are in the party! Just follow 4 simples below and you'll be given a pair of invites to the party;

1. Tell us how outstanding you are in your blog. Tell us what a standout you are in your life by posting a blog post blog titled 'I'm a Standout in Life'. You can tell us how you can repeat the alphabet from back to front easily, count the distance from each planet in the solar system using your own formula, how you manage to lick your own elbow, ability to jump and eat chips at the same time. It could be anything! Tell us in text, pictures or/and videos! It's entirely up to you on how you want to standout!!

2. Once you're done with your blog post, send in an email to with the permalink (URL) of your blog post along with your full name.

3. Optional task – Embed the image below into your blog post. (image below). 5 random bloggers who are spotted with this image in their blog will be given a Nintendo DS Lite each just for being lucky!


4. The first 100 bloggers who send in their entries will be given a pair of invitations each to this exclusive party. Priority will be given to Glitterati bloggers. Invitations will be sent out via email starting on the 29th of May (Friday) till 3rd of June (Wednesday).

Grand Catch for the Night

If your blog post is one of its kind, outstanding and unique, you may just end up in the Tiger Hall of Standouts!! If you're listed in the Tiger Hall of Standouts, you'll literally enjoy fame to your blog as your blog will listed in banner ads and this very microsite to promote your blog because you're a 'Standout In Life'!! You'll even be given a spot to put your handprint on during the Standout party just like the Hollywood walk of fame!

But wait! That's not all that awaits creative and outstanding bloggers as we're giving out a HP Notebook for the best written blog post and a special mystery prize for a not-so-outstanding blog post as well! But that's just the tip of the prizes as we're giving out lots more during the party!! Come show us what a standout you are by dressing up like one and one lucky gent might just walk home with a brand new Xbox 360 while the lucky lady will bring home a posh Coach handbag!!!

All in All

Aside from these grand prizes there are also lots of equally attractive prizes to be given out during games, questions and answers and a special auction held during the party. At Standout Party, we aim to have everyone to bring out the best in yourselves and truly standout in life. Start writing your blog post now for an unforgettable experience in life!

Quirky Facts About The Tiger Beer Limited Edition Bottle Designs

Tiger Beer commissioned two internationally acclaimed Asian artistes Rostarr (Romon Yang) and Tomas Goh to design its newly launched limited edition Tiger Beer bottles – Graphysics, Rise and Energy.

Internationally acclaimed Korean-American Rostarr´s design Graphysics is based on his signature cutting-edge graphics that fuses digital design and free painting. His design is a marriage of Graphics and Physics, creating a dynamic visual iconography.

Singapore-based Tomaz Goh´s design, Rise, on the other hand, reflects his thoughts on the state of the environment today. With the opinion that our world is fast deteriorating, the versatile Goh chose to use his design to urge mankind to "rise" against the threats of global deterioration of our environment and increase our recycling efforts.

The Energy design is inspired by the collective efforts of Asian artists such as Rostarr and Tomaz that are making an impact in the design worldtoday.

Graphysics, Rise and Energy are exclusively designed to represent the spirit and philosophy of Tiger Beer – a brand with bold character and identity!

Terms & Conditions Apply


Date of Event : 6th of June 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 7pm till late
Venue : HQnine, TTDI Plaza, KL
Dress Code : Standout

Be a standout in the party and show us what's unique! Come as a million dollar princess, a snowman, a milk bottle, clown or whatever you can think is unique and is your style. If you do stand out enough, you'll be rewarded significantly during the party!!

Rewards for Standouts in Life


The Most Eccentric Blogger Award
A HP Notebook

The In-Need-of-Self-Reflection Award
Mystery Prize

The Lucky Attention Seekers
Nintendo DS Lite x5

During event

Standout King
Xbox 360

Standout Queen
Coach Handbag

The Pacifier Suckers
Mystery Prize

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